AUDIO: Hands Off Our Pumpkins!

October 30, 2017

Nobody likes a pumpkin thief! In St. Louis, three teenagers were caught with nearly 50 stolen pumpkins. Police were determined to get them to their rightful owners, and devised a "pumpkin lineup." Anyone missing their Halloween pumpking was invited to come on down and take a look at the recovered gourds. Only 12 have remained unclaimed, most ave been happily reunited with their rightful porches.

Forget pumpkins at Halloween though, these might be the next spooky trend. Nothing says "I creepily love you" quite like glow-in-the-dark roses do! Several online flower delivery companies are offering up glowing blossoms for the upcoming holiday. The roses "charge" in the sun during the day, and give off a neon green glow at night.

If roses don't shock you, this Rolls-Royce might! The company has just unveiled the newest Phantom model, complete with lambswool carpeting, a glittered ceiling, tires filled with noise-cancelling foam, and a $450,000 price tag! That's enough to scare most of us away!

Halloween is nearly here, with Thanksgiving and the winter holidays coming up soon after. Some people are already thinking about gifts, and it turns out the most populer presents vary state-to-state. In Colorado, we must be pretty big readers. According to 24/7 Wall St. the Kindle Paperwhite e-reader is the big gift around here. Be thankful you aren't from Alabama, where a whole lot of people are getting duct tape.

Students in Illinois might want a new washing machine. Southern Illinois University has been plagued by a serial pooper in one of their dorms. Washing machines in an Abbott Hall laundry room have been "loaded" with something other than laundry eight times over the last year, and no one can find the culprit. Students first noticed the problem when their clothes came out of the washer smelling distinctly unclean. Here's hoping their find the errant pooper soon!

Mike Casey & Allie Hartwick had something to say about all of this on The Morning Show:

Pumpkin Thieves