AUDIO: Hairy Christmas To You!

December 4, 2017

Forget ugly Christmas sweaters, people are taking holiday dressing to an entirely new level. A festive trend this year is Christmas Tree Hair. The look is created by piling hair on top of your head in a cone or tree-like shape, and then decorating with small lights, ornaments or garland. It's definitely not an everyday or office-appropriate look, but we don't hate it! Check out Hartwick's attempt: 

If you're still searching for the perfect gift to put under the tree this year, this one is definitely unique! Lot 18 is selling a limited-edition wine collection inspired by sketches on Saturday Night Live. Some of the bottles include a Debbie Downer Chardonnay and a Stefon Beaujolais. They'll probably be serving that in all of New York's hottest clubs.

An actual party animal had quite the holiday celebration at a liquor store in Florida! An opossum was brought into Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge in Fort Walton Beach after a hard night in a liquor store. Allegedly, the opossum broke into the store after hours and helped itself to a bottle of bourbon. The opossum was wildly intoxicated, but thankfully has since made a full recovery.

Hopefully you've already got any holiday travel booked, but if not, consider an early morning flight. According to data from Five Thirty Eight, flights that leave before 7am are far less likely to be delayed or cancelled. Flights that leave around 6pm are most likely to see changes. Might be worth the early alarm!

Mike and Allie are having quite the Monday! Check it out here: 

Hairy Christmas!