AUDIO: A Good Tuesday to Give

November 28, 2017

First there was Balck Friday, then Cyber Monday, now, for an altruistic quasi-holiday, Giving Tuesday. Today people are being encouraged to donate their time or their dollars to the people of their community by doing something to give back. has a list of resources, including local organizations that are happy to recieve whatever it is you can give. It's a great way to really get into the spirit of the holiday season.

If you're feeling festive and looking to pay old St. Nick a visit, make sure you've got a reservation! Macy's flagship store in New York CIty is now taking reservations to meet with Santa, and eliminating the long process of waiting in line. It seems like an early Christmas gift from Macy's, but a lot of shoppers aren't happy about the change. Just goes to prove, it's impossible to please everyone these days.

While Santa takes care of most of the gifts uner the tree, a recent survey found men are most likely to give their most expensive gift to their significant other, while women generally spend more on their kids. No matter how you look at it, kids make out like bandits during the Christmas holiday.

Pretty much the only thing anyone could need this holiday season is a bottle of Vodka. That's according to Outside magazine writer Susan Casey. She says a flask of vodka is wildly useful. Vodka works as an anesthetic, a disinfectant, and an antimicrobial, and can calm a camper in a very high-stress emergency situation.

Speaking of high-stress emergency situations that involve Vodka, ever send a text you wish you hadn't? Well if you're using the Line app to send messages, you have the ability to unsend a message up to 24 hours after it's sent. That really only helps if the person hasn't read the message yet, which is unlikely. WhatsApp introduced a similar feature, but only gives you 7 minutes. We need a little more time to recognize our mistakes!

Listen to while Mike and Allie have to offer on this Giving Tuesday, right here: