AUDIO: Get Me a Burger Ring

February 8, 2018

If your love also really loves hamburgers, boy oh boy do we have a gift idea for you! McDonald’s and jeweler Nadine Ghosn have created the "Bling Mac" an 18k gold ring inspired by the Big Mac. If you'd like to buy one, it'll run you a cool $12,500. But, thanks to the golden arches, you could win one! McDonald's is asking fans to write “vows of love” to Big Macs on Twitter for a chance to win the Bling Mac. Use those 280 characters wisely!

If you're more interested in giving back than giving gifts, a new app can help you do that, simply by dining out! The app GiftAMeal has helped donate thousands of meals to local food banks! When users of the app visit a participating restaurant, all they have to do is take a photo and a donation is made to an area food bank. If the photo is shared on a social media site, the donation doubles. If shared on two sites, like Facebook and Instagram, the donation is tripled. Restaurants get some social media eposure, people in need get food. That's a serious win-win.

Gotta friend who loves to mediditate? Or a friends who loves to meditate, and also LOVES to talk about it? Well, here's a bit of information you can share the next time they start going on and on about the transformative nature of meditation. A new study shows meditation doesn’t really increase compassion, connectedness or empathy. It also doesn’t reduce aggression and prejudice. Who you are and the way you feel about things when you start your meditation session is pretty much who you are when you end.

Burger Jewelry for the Win