AUDIO: Flight of the Phoenices

November 17, 2017

They aren't even real and they still manage to be offensive! A new high school in Farmington, Utah has chosen the Phoenix as their mascot, and some parents are not happy about it. The problem that some anticipate, is that when students cheer for the team, they might not shout "go Phoenix" and will instead use the plural form of the name and chant "go Phoenices."  Repeat it a few times. Go Phoenices. Go Phoenices. Go Phoenices. Hear it? Some parents have actually started a petiton to preemptively change the name. They have about 2,600 signatures so far. A lot of people aren't loving the Phoenices.

As if we needed another reason to pass on the veggies, a new study from Austria suggests that vegetarians are actually "less healthy" than meat-eaters. Researchers found that people who eat less meat are more likely to avoid going to the doctor and also have a higher rate of cancer, allergies and mental health disorders. As if we needed another reason to order another burger.

If it seems like most younger people are texting all the time and never talking, it's because they kind of are. A new global report reveals that a whopping 65% of Millennials and Gen Zers communicate with each other more often digitally than in person. The same report found that 62% of 18- to 34-year-olds would choose to leave their wallet at home instead of their phone. When a phone can do pretty much everything a wallet does, why bother bringing both?

Traveling for Thanksgiving? If so, best of luck to you, and we hope you're leaving soon! Travel experts say the best day to fly out is the Saturday before the holiday, with Thanksgiving day itself being the second best day. It might have to be a very short trip though, as Black Friday is the best day to make a return trip.

Mike Casey and Allie Hartwick were more than happy to share their thoughts on THanksgiving, texting and Phoenices on The Mountain Morning Show.