AUDIO: Fat Bottomed Girls Will Outlive Us All

February 23, 2018

If Baby Got Back was pretty mich written about you, you've got another reason to shake it! New research suggests that women with larger behinds had lower risks of coming down with several diseases. This study also suggested that women with bigger bootys were at lower risk of developing cardiac conditions, diabetes, and had longer life expectancies.

Ladies with a little extra junk in the trunk can probably have their pick of men. In this weeks most obvious story, women prefer rich guys to poor guys. This is according to a new worldwide study. Women were asked to rate the attractiveness of men in pictures on a scale of one to 10.When the women were told the man in the picture had a salary 10 times bigger, a whopping two points were added to that attractiveness scale. Did we need a study for this?

If you're having a tough time finding a mate, well, this company has got ALL of your basic needs covered. "Adult" toy company CamSoda cas developed a personal massager, that also orders pizza. Because the world is awesome, they're calling it the RubGrub. It looks like a standard sex toy, but comes equipped with a switch that acts like an Amazon Dash button. The device will only be connected to Domino’s at first, but they think plenty of other delivery services will be saying "oh, yes."