AUDIO: Everybody PeyongChang Tonight

February 12, 2018

The winter games are underway! Local snowboarder Red Gerard won the first medal for Team USA this weekend in the men's slopestyle competition. He's just 17 years old, and he'll be bringing a gold medal back to Silverthorne. No comment on what the Mountain Morning Show was up to when they were 17.

It seems like there are new events every four years, it's almost hard to keep up! The International Olympic Committee is now considering adding e-sports to the Olympic Games. Before the Opening Ceremonies, e-sports were actually getting a trial run. IOC members were watched gamers plaing e-sports on site closely to see just how a tournament might fit into the competition.

Despite all the excitement surrounding the games, ratings on NBC have been down this year. Mike Casey thinks all the network needs is the right theme song, and he went ahead and made one for them. You're welcome, NBC.

Everybody PeyongChang Tonight