AUDIO: Drink Before You Speak

October 23, 2017

Learning a new language isn't easy, but it turns out, alcohol just might help. A new study suggests that we pronounce foreign words better when intoxicated. Une autre bouteille, s'il vous plait!

One thing most of us generally don't speak about, in any language, is our salary, especially with our co-workers! Millennials have decided they've had enough with this socal norm (what else is new) and it might be working in their favor.  33% of older Millennials, ages 27 to 36, say they’ve shared their salary with their co-workers, and doing so has leveled the "paying" field, so to speak.

Justing Timberlake's salary for the Super Bowl this year is no secret, artists don't get paid for the halftime show. Timberlake announced he'll be headlining in February. How will he top his infamous "wardrobe malfunction" appearance with janet Jackson in 2004? We'll have to wait and see.

Plus, Casey spent an unnecessary day getting an emissions test. Find out why!

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