AUDIO: Don't Die of Candy Over Consumption!

Yes, it is possible.

October 31, 2017

Halloween is all about costumes and candy, but mostly candy, right?! You may want to limit the number of treats you're jamming in your mouth this year though. According to the American Chemical Society, there is a limit to the amount of sugar humans can safely eat. The researchers found that eating more than 13.5 grams of sugar per pound of body weight at the same time would most likely kill you. So the average grown man would be dead after a cool 262 fun-sized candy bars. R.I.P.

If you wanna push that sugar limit, stop by Krispy Kreme today! They'll be handing out free doughnuts for Halloween, provided you're wearing a costume.  So worst-case scenario, you show up as a lame sheet-ghost, but at least you'll be a sheet-ghost with a doughnut!

Jimmy Kimmel with be ghosting his show this week, but it's for a very serious reson. Kimmel's son Billy is sick, and needed to have a second heart surgery postponed. Don't worry too much though, the surgery is expected to go well and Kimmel will have a slew of celebrities filling in for him this week including Channing Tatum and Jennifer Lawrence.

Netflix has announced that the sixth season of House of Cards will be the last. Natflix made this announcement shortly after actor Anthony Rapp (who you may know from Adventures in Babysitting or RENT) accused series star Kevin Spacey of behaving sexually inappropriately with him when Rapp was 14. Netflix has stated that they are "deeply troubled" by these allegations.

Mike and Allie weigh in on these topics, and so much more, on The Morning Show: 

Cool it on the candy