AUDIO: Cheers to Ancient Beers

November 7, 2017

Beer has been around for thousands of years, and has definitely changed a lot along the way. A brewmaster from Avery here in Boulder is going way back to beer's ancient roots by following recipes that are over a thousand years old. Travis Rupp has successfully brewed beers from ancient Egypt and ancient Peru, next up is a Viking beer, that we'd be more than happy to sample!

Keg's aren't just for beer, they can be for everyone's favorite condiment as well. Hidden Valley Ranch dressing is now available in keg sizes, prefect for anyone puts Ranch on everything. For only $65, you can have all the Ranch you could ever want, on tap. Yum.

If the "keg-o-Ranch" gift idea isn't really doing it for you, Neiman Marcus has something completely different. In the Fantasy Gifts catalog, there are a few seriously luxurious options, including a $300,000 trip to Zambia to visit the largest emerald producer in the world, a VIP trip to the Ryder Cup golf tournament, and a New Year’s Eve bash at the Knickerbocker Hotel above Times Square. None of these gifts come cheap, or even affordable, but your friends and family are worth it! 

For some people, the ultimate fantasy is sitting down to binge-watch a new series. Thanks to the website BingeClock, you can calculate exactly how long you'll spend in front of the TV, if you were to watch the entire series at once. For example, if you want to get all of Game of Thrones down, that binge would last 2 days, 15 hours and 30 minutes. No sleep allowed.

A few weeks ago, an unidentified woman in Virginia went viral for flipping the bird to President Trump's motorcade. 50-year-old Juli Briskman was riding her bike when the President passed her by, leaving his Trump National Golf Course in Sterling, Virginia. Overcome with the impulse to express herself, Briskman gave the motorcade a big middle finger. The spontaneous gesture was caught by news cameras and went viral. When Briskman's employer Akima L.L.C. found out it was her in the photo, executives decided to fire her under the company's social media policy that bans obscene content.

And we excitedly reported yesterday that P. Diddy was ditching his old nickname and going by "Brother Love," but sadly, that was all a joke. He released an Instagram video yesterday apologizing for the confusion. Diddy forever.

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