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AUDIO: That Sting rumor isn't true?!

Hartwick was shocked to find out that big rumor about Sting and his wife Trudie probably isn't true, and Casey didn't stop ruining her day there! Turns out, men with tons of cash and polarizing political views are the happiest in their marraiges. No word on how happy their wives are though. Even if... Read More

AUDIO: What does peeing have to do with physics?

While women are becoming a larger part of the scientific community, one study wants to piss on that notion . According to a radical theory from some British researchers, boys might be better at physics than girls are ... because they pee standing up. This team suggests boys get a head start because... Read More

AUDIO: Football and politics just can't quit each other

Last week was long, and full of a lot of heartache. This weekend, before they gave us all a much-needed laugh, Saturday Night Live opened with country musician Jason Aldean . He addressed the Las Vegas tragedy and sang Tom Petty's hit "I Won't Back Down." On Sunday evening, more than 20 players on... Read More

AUDIO: If the canoe's a rockin'...

Apparently 10% of our neighbors to the north have gotten it on in a canoe . They've got some crazy balance up there! Maybe they were inspired to canoe-dle (ha!) after indulging in a few too many scoops of Arctic Buzz - a vodka infused ice cream that has everyone screaming for ice cream. Probably a... Read More

AUDIO: Just hilarious, Cam!

We're a bit sleepy this morning, the Rockies kept us up late . While it wasn't the outcome we were hoping for, the Rockies fought hard! The 2018 nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame were announced today. Everyone's got an opinion on who should and shouldn't be there, and luckily you can... Read More

AUDIO: Steak-sized Bacon? Yes please.

Bacon. Salty, smoky, delectable bacon is getting a serious upgrade. We didn't think it was possible, but a restaurant in San Francisco figured it out. Sweet Maple is wowing crowds with their "Millionaire's Bacon." It's thick, juicy, meaty and you're gonna want it in your mouth. One strip is a full... Read More

Mike Casey's Tribute to Tom Petty

So it appears, once again, that it’s time to add another name to the Rock n’ Roll RIP list. The word “legendary” gets thrown around a bit too carelessly for my tastes these days, but in this case it applies. Legendary singer, songwriter, musician, and band-leader Tom Petty passed away yesterday at... Read More

AUDIO: Will run for donuts

One of the greatest modern innovations, the sports bra, was invented 40 years ago . We have to wonder what women did before then, and we have to also assume it was really uncomfortable! No one will need a sports bra for the Lard Butt 1k. Yes, you read that right, the Lard Butt 1k . That's a measly... Read More

AUDIO: They found what? Where?

Playboy legend Hugh Hefner died at the age of 91 on Wednesday. Hef started the Playboy empire with his very first publication back in 1953. That magazine featured Marilyn Monroe as the centerfold, but we're sure the articles also got a lot of attention. Megyn Kelly is off to a rough start on the... Read More