National Hot Dog Day!

Happy National Hot Dog Day! Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Deep Voiced Babies, Real Footloose towns and He walked HOW far??

July 18, 2018

Important things to know today:

1.  Today is National Hot Dog Day!  Go get yourself one (or more) or we going to call you downright UnAmerican!  

2.  American League won the All Star Game AGAIN.  #yawn Rockies Trevor Story hit one of the ten total homers in the game.  Yay!

3.  Disagreeing with your wife could be baaaaad for your health!  (Like we didn't already know THAT, right guys?)

4. Love the taste of wine but rather skip the calories and the hangover?  O. Vine has the solution!  (Though Hartwick gives it TWO thumbs down!) 

5.  The way you cried as a baby indicated what kind of voice you'd have as an adult!  What?? Get OUT! 

6. He walked 20 miles to get to work on time!  Wait'll you see what his boss rewarded him with!  

7.  Fort Smith, Arkansas FINALLY repeals a 60 year old Dancing Ordinance!  Ren McCormack and classmates go... Footloose!