AUDIO: What does peeing have to do with physics?

October 10, 2017

While women are becoming a larger part of the scientific community, one study wants to piss on that notion. According to a radical theory from some British researchers, boys might be better at physics than girls are ... because they pee standing up. This team suggests boys get a head start because they way they pee teaches them the important concept of projectiles every day. 

As if being better at physics wasn't enough, men can also compete (with their lesser counter-parts) in the annual North American Wife Carrying Championships.Jake Barney of Virginia, and his wife Kirsten won this year, but you can take them on in 2018!.  Their win also qualifies them for the world championships in Finland next year. Congrats?

We might have a little more interest in who will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year. Everyone is given the opportunity to vote for their favorite nominees, and this weekend The Moody Blues overtook Dire Straits for second place. Bon Jovi still top the list, and their total has doubled to more than 122,000 votes. You can still cast your ballot. Make Hartwick happy and toss one in for The Zombies.

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