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AUDIO: That Sting rumor isn't true?!

October 11, 2017

Hartwick was shocked to find out that big rumor about Sting and his wife Trudie probably isn't true, and Casey didn't stop ruining her day there!

Turns out, men with tons of cash and polarizing political views are the happiest in their marraiges. No word on how happy their wives are though.

Even if they aren't loving life, their wives probably are nicer about it. A new study shows that women actually are nicer than men, and it's all because of brain chemistry. Wouldn't hurt guys to give kindness a try though....

Things in Florida are still bonkers. A man was recently arrested for breaking into a Target store to practice his ninja moves. Just do it during business hors. They are pretty lax about ninja practice there.

Listen to Casey dash Hartwick's dreams, one by one. It's fairly brutal, but you'll get a laugh out of it.