AUDIO: Steak-sized Bacon? Yes please.

October 4, 2017

Bacon. Salty, smoky, delectable bacon is getting a serious upgrade. We didn't think it was possible, but a restaurant in San Francisco figured it out. Sweet Maple is wowing crowds with their "Millionaire's Bacon." It's thick, juicy, meaty and you're gonna want it in your mouth. One strip is a full inch thick, and costs $7. ​Seven bucks well spent.

You'll probably be feeling a bit sluggish after downing steak-sized bacon, and a new invention may help you sit around and sweat it off, without ever having to get up to do annoying stuff like turn on the TV, or even reach for the remote. Scientists at Lancaster University in England say they’ve come up with a new technology that could make the television remote control obsolete. It would allow TVs to be controlled with nothing but hand gestures or other body movements. The scientists claim to have gotten things to a point where it works even when your hands are full. Man, science sure is awesome. 

Don't bother reaching for your phone during this lazy day either. A new study shows that phone notifications make you sad. Almost one-third of the notifications you get on your phone trigger negative emotions and put you in a bad mood. No thank you phone!

This notification, however, probably won't bring you down. It's possible that tourists visiting the National Mall between November and March will take in views of the White House, the Washington Monument, and a 45-foot-tall, 16,000-pound naked woman. Organizers of the third-annual Catharsis on the Mall festival are seeking permission to install "R-Evolution," a statue by Marco Cochrane. If it goes up, we'll all finally be able to stop arguing about the biggest ass in Washington.