AUDIO: If the canoe's a rockin'...

October 6, 2017

Apparently 10% of our neighbors to the north have gotten it on in a canoe. They've got some crazy balance up there!

Maybe they were inspired to canoe-dle (ha!) after indulging in a few too many scoops of Arctic Buzz - a vodka infused ice cream that has everyone screaming for ice cream. Probably a bit too loud.

While alcohol ice cream is one of our favorite things to talk about, it's not our most favorite. That award goes to the "Mad Pooper" of Colorado Springs. She's captured the curiosity of the entire country, and people are demanding to know who and where she is. Those demands have gotten a bit out of hand for the CO Springs police department. They've apparently been flooded with calls asking about everyone's favorite public defecator, and they'd like it to stop, please.

It's going to be a bit more expensive to Netflix and Chill. The streaming video company (that used to deliver these things called DVDs) announced they'll be raising prices on some plans. That canoe is starting to look a bit more appealing....

Hear what Mike and Allie have to say about all this.