AUDIO: Forget insurance info, here's a joint!

September 27, 2017

Women will finally be able to drive in Saudi Arabia... next June. Don't want to rush in to any basic equality now, do we? That being said, this is a huge step forward for women in Saudi Arabia.

Women have it a bit easier here in the U.S., but over 70% of us still feel it's that it's the man's job to bring home the bacon.  Thats almost equal to the percentage women are paid for equal work to their male counterparts! What are the chances?

It's not just Saudi Arabia making changes, Twitter will be rolling out a 280 character limit (double the current 140) on select accounts. You might be one of the lucky few that can already tweet giant messages, but most accounts won't see any change for the next few weeks.

One person in Colorado felt 140 characters wasn't enough to express how sorry they were for hitting someone's car.  They decided an apology note, $40 and half of a joint tucked under the windshield wipers would have to do. Only in CO.

Lastly, Pumpkin Spice VODKA?! Are we serious? Enough. We've gone too far.

Windshield Weed