AUDIO: Football and politics just can't quit each other

October 9, 2017

Last week was long, and full of a lot of heartache. This weekend, before they gave us all a much-needed laugh, Saturday Night Live opened with country musician Jason Aldean. He addressed the Las Vegas tragedy and sang Tom Petty's hit "I Won't Back Down." 

On Sunday evening, more than 20 players on the San Francisco 49ers took a knee during the national anthem before their game with the Indianapolis Colts. Vice President Mike Pence was there, at least for a little while. Pence responded to the player protest with with one of his own, and walked out. After his exit, Pence tweeted a statement, explaining the move.

You've probably ready everyone and their brother's opinion about this on Facebook, and it might have you feeling a bit ill. Turns out, having too many friends on social media, actually can make you sick! Will they call it Facebook fever?

Turns out when it comes to online dating, there is a magic word. A few magic words, actually. Using any one of these babies can increase your response rate on eHarmony, just one of the many popular sites out there for singles. Betcha want to know what they are....

See if Mike and Allie had any luck peppering these words in throughout the show today. You may find yourselves suddenly and inexplicibly more attracted to them, but hold off. They're both taken.