Jon Anderson of Yes Talks With Dave O'Brien

Singer Releases New Solo Album "1000 Hands"

July 31, 2020
Picture of Jon Anderson Album "1000 Hands"

Jon Anderson

Legendary vocalist Jon Anderson, the former lead singer of Yes, has a brand new album out called "1000 Hands : Chapter One".


The album features guests like Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull ; Jonathan Cain of Journey ; jazz pianist Chick Corea and Steve HoweAlan White and the late Chris Squire of Yes.


Check out the song "Ramalama" and the song "Where Does Music Come From".


Jon Anderson talked to Dave O'Brien about the new album, his relationship with his former bandmates and when he first realized he had such a unique voice. (Hint - it was long after he had already had a lot of success!)