BLOG: 9 Things That Are Cheaper To Buy After Christmas

December 25, 2017

A new report from says if it's not a gift, and you can wait, you will get a much better price on a number of items.

Here are some of the things you can get at a better deal now that Christmas has come and gone:

Cars: The best deals are the year-end sales between Christmas and New Year's.

4KTVs: The best name-brand big screen TV deals are around the Super Bowl each year.

Other electronics: Tablets, printers and headsets go on sale during the Consumer Electronics Show in January. Stores tend t slash prices on unsold video games days after Christmas, with some XBox One and PS4 games likely to be sold for 60 percent off.

Sports and fitness equipment: You know what happens on New Years Day; people are joining gyms like crazy!  In turn, many stores get more competitive with big sales on home gyms, treadmills and other workout items.

Furniture: Some of the biggest furniture sales of the year arrive in January!

Jewelry: Prices tend to fall for Jewelry in January and early February, but if you can wait until Feb. 15, you'll find AMAZING deals after Valentine's Day.

Luggage: Most people buy new luggage for spring break trips in March, so you'll find big sales just after spring break on luggage items.

Clothing: This week after Christmas, you're going to see clothing markdowns as high as 75 percent or 80 percent off. Winter clothing goes on sale now, as stores start clearing the way for spring and beach fashion.

Happy Shopping!