Alice Cooper Officially A Presidential Candidate, Picks Tom Hanks as VP

August 23, 2016

USA Today

Alice Cooper has officially thrown his hat into the political ring, and things are about to get interesting.

He's running for president with the slogan, “A Troubled Man for Troubled Times.”  His platform tackles the hardcore issues that face our country.

Cooper calls for late Motorhead frontman Lemmy’s likeness to be added to Mount Rushmore, and for comedian Groucho Marx to grace the American $50 bill.

He also wants to ban talking in movie theatres as well as selfies (except for National Selfie Day).

So far, his campaign consists of selling merchandise and reissuing his 1972 song, "Elected." The song, a hit during Richard Nixon’s successful re-election campaign, ends with a politician promising, “Everybody has problems/And personally, I don’t care.”