Winter Solstice: Cathy's Top 5 Favorite Short Tunes for The Shortest Day of the Year

December 21, 2018

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Here are Cathy's Top 5 Short Tunes in honor of The Winter Solstice and the shortest day of the year!


1. Brown Eyed Girl- Van Morrison

As the only blue eyed child in my circle of friends, they would all point at me and change the words to "Blue Eyed Girl" so I wouldn't feel left out. Awww.



2. Landslide- Stevie Nicks

It's over before I can compose myself and move on!



3. Fire- Jimi Hendrix

Truly is the very first classic rock song I ever heard, and might actually qualify as one of my earliest childhood memories.



4. What I Like About You- Romantics

People just start pointing at each other and jumping. It's like a phenomenon.



5. Never Going Back Again- Fleetwood Mac

Again. I just love riding my spin bike to that one. Its so resolute.


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