Queen Week: Some Of Our Favorite Live Vids!

October 30, 2018

It's QUEEN WEEK on 99.5 The Mountain!

No doubt about it, Queen has had some pretty incredible live performances. In honor of Queen Week, we thought we'd share a small handful of our favorites. 


Ok, so this first one doesn't feature Freddie, but the homage to him  brings tears to the eyes of even the most grumpy of Mountain staffers (ahem- Casey). George Michael gives his heart and soul in this tribute to Freddie. It's hard to believe that George is gone now, too. #chills


We kinda feel sorry for the kiddos that don't know that Metallica's "Stone Cold Crazy" was a cover. I mean, this song is the S***. I mean, 70s Thrash Metal? That happened?! We'll be chatting about this one around the water cooler today for sure. 


Not that WE ever had any doubt, but this one is an excellent example of Queen's Rock n' Roll roots. 


Let's be honest... Queen stole the show at Live Aid in '85. There's no doubt in our minds that this performance is one of the best ever. 


And hey, if you are looking for a good reason to slack off today, we've included the full concert Hungarian Rhapsody- Live in Budapest from '86 for your viewing/listening pleasure. Freddie, we miss you.