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AUDIO: What's in my coffee?!?!

Turns out, those coffee mugs in the workplace kitchen have some pretty gross bacteria lurking around in them. Turns out, there are several types of harmful bacteria found on the average office mug. If you're a germaphobe, might be best to start bringing your own mug. Hartwick is non-plussed. There... Read More

Were You Hacked?

Credit reporting company Equifax announced yesterday that the personal information of 143 million people in the U.S. could have been comprimised in a data breach. Equifax has created a website to help people determine if their data has been affected. If so, they are also offering idenity protection... Read More

Taylor Swift Takes the Stand

Taylor Swift took the stand on Thursday to testify about the groping incident at a concert at the Pepsi Center in 2013. Her responses were fierce, to say the least. These are a few from her testimony yesterday: “He did not touch my rib, he did not touch my arm…he grabbed my bare ass." “I didn’t... Read More
whipped cream flip

How to Whip Flip

Hartwick is full of strange party tricks, and her latest, while very fun, is also pretty messy. Watch Hartwick and Casey try to master the "Whip Flip" and trash the studio in the process. Once you get the basics, give it a try at home (or outside) and send us your best #WhipFlip video! Read More

Vail Home Vandalized by Piano-Playing Bear

It was afternoon on a Wednesday, a little black bear shuffled in. There was no one sitting next to him, and he couldnt find tonic or gin. So he sang us a song, he's the piano bear, he played with all of his might, he was just in the mood for a melody, he wasn't good, but he was alright. That's... Read More

Shrimp Named After Pink Floyd Kills With Sound

According to urban legend, Pink Floyd once played so loudly that every fish in a nearby pond died. As an homage to this myth, scientists have named a recently discovered species of shrimp after the band. This sea creature has a distinctive pink claw and uses the sound of it's snapping claw to kill... Read More

Aid For the People of Syria

Earlier this week, a chemical attack was launched on civilians in Syria. The country has been torn apart by civil war, and many are wondering if there is any way to help. USA Today put together a list of organizations working with families and children in Syria, as well as Syrian refugees. These... Read More

There IS a Colorado Accent

Turns out, Colorado natives have their very own accent! It's a lot more subtle than the distinctive accents you'll find in places like New Jersey or Alabama, it's still there! Dr. Andrew Cowell of CU Boulder has been researching the speech patterns of CO natives. He discovered a slight accent that... Read More

Not All Girl Scout Cookies are Created Equal!

Did you know the Girl Scout Cookies we gere here in Denver are different than the ones you can buy in Nebraska and Kansas? Just a few hours east and the cookies have different textures, sizes, even different names! How does this happen? The Girl Scouts use two different bakers to producer their... Read More