Three Things You Need to Know on June 12th

June 12, 2019

Uber travel may be taking to the skies, at least on a demonstration basis.  To give potential riders an idea, the ride-sharing giant showcased the latest concept of the aircraft at the annual Uber Elevate conference in DC.  Eric Allison who is head of Uber Elevate, says the aircraft will eventually be comparable to Uber rideshare, launching by 2023. 

Denver Police are exploring a program that would have as many as a fifth of 911 calls handled by trained civilians.  Right now, most 911 calls result in a police officer showing up.  The idea behind this proposal is to free up officers from having to respond to calls that could be better handled by a medic or mental health professional.  Police Chief Paul Pazen said there's no timeline for implementing the pilot program but they're moving forward as quickly as possible. 

Colorado's Wild Animal Sanctuary is seeking some volunteer help.  The sanctuary is building a bear enclosure and is looking for eight to ten volunteers to help with construction.  The volunteers need to be available between tomorrow and June 25th.  Volunteers must provide their own transportation to the Springfield area and bring their own tents and overnight gear.  The sanctuary will provide showers and meals.