Three Things You Need to Know on September 19th

September 19, 2018

The immigration crisis in the U.S. is far from over. Investigators say the U.S. has lost track of about 15-hundred migrant children.  Congressional findings released yesterday say the Trump administration is unable to account for the whereabouts of the children, who illegally entered the U.S. alone this year and were placed with sponsors after leaving federal shelters.  Authorities are concerned that the missing children are being used as laborers, or could have wound up with human traffickers.  Over eleven-thousand migrant children were placed with sponsors this year by the Department of Health and Human Services.  

The woman accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault is asking for an FBI probe.  A lawyer for Christine Blasey Ford says a proper investigation should take place before she testifies in the Senate about the allegations, to ensure that facts and witnesses are assessed in a non-partisan manner.  Ford claims Kavanaugh assaulted her when they were teenagers.  Kavanaugh has denied the allegations. 

Here's some good, and rational news! Children are free sell lemonade in Denver neighborhoods.  The City Council passed a bill Monday that will allow neighborhood beverage stands run by children 16-years-old or younger.  The bill needs Mayor Hancock's signature to become law.  The new ordinance was passed after a group of boys were forced to shut down their neighborhood lemonade stand on Memorial Day weekend.