Three Things You Need to Know on September 12th

September 12, 2018

All eyes are on Hurricane Florence. The storm is expected to bring life-threatening rainfall to portions of the Carolinas and the mid-Atlantic states. The National Hurricane Center says Florence is expected to slow down considerably as it approaches the Carolinas by late tomorrow into Friday, but will still be a dangerous major hurricane when it nears the coast. Colorado Task Force One is on its way to North Carolina to help out.  The team of nearly 50 highly trained firefighters left yesterday with equipment and supplies. They are expected to arrive this afternoon. 

Budget documents show the Trump Administration stripped ten-million dollars from FEMA over the summer and gave it to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.  The money was used to help detain and deport undocumented immigrants, as well as to fund detention centers.  A spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security said none of the money came from disaster relief funding. 

Later this morning, Apple will host a fall event with CEO Tim Cook.  Cook's expected to show off the latest updates to the iPhone X.  Some are speculating a new Apple Watch model may be announced as well.