Three Things You Need to Know on September 10th

September 10, 2018

Serena Williams lost the US Open final on Saturday, but her interaction with a chair umpire has overshadowed the match itself. Williams was penalized three times, once for getting signals from her coach, once for smashing her racquet, and for verbal abuse against the umpire. Williams claims she was treated unfairly, and that sexism played a part in the penalty. Two tennis organizations are in agreement. The Women's Tennis Association chief executive said in a statement the umpire showed less tolerance for Williams' emotional outburst than male players are allowed. The United States Tennis Association, which runs the U.S. Open, issued a statement praising Williams for her class and sportsmanship.  

The east coast is expecting some serious weather. Forecasters say Florence is on track to strengthen to major hurricane status today, reaching categories of four or five.  Florence is forecast to most-likely make landfall in the Carolinas or Virginia Thursday.  States of emergency have already been declared there in advance of the possible landfall. 

CBS chief Les Moonves is resigning following accusations of sexual misconduct. CBS announced the departure after 12 women accused Moonves of misconduct, with six of the 12 claims coming to light on Sunday. As part of a deal that brought about his exit, Moonves and CBS will donate 20-million-dollars towards the #MeToo movement. COO Joseph Ianniello will serve as president and acting CEO until a permanent successor is selected.