Three Things You Need to Know on October 25th

October 25, 2018

Explosive devices were mailed to several Democratic leaders including President Obama and Hillary Clinton. A device was also mailed to CNN. President Trump called the actions despicable and said a major federal investigation is underway. He also said the news media to stop so-called "endless hostility."  Trump made the comment during a rally last night in Wisconsin.  This morning on twitter, Trump said the anger we see in our society is caused by the false and inaccurate reporting of the "Fake News."  

There are reports that Megyn Kelly's show on NBC is ending.  CNN Business is reporting that negotiations on an end date are underway.  Kelly's remarks about blackface Halloween costumes raised concerns about her future at NBC.  On the Megyn Kelly Today show Tuesday, Kelly said it was OK when she was growing up for white people to dress up as black characters.  

Good news for anyone who has a shady internet-search past. A new function on Google makes it easier to delete your search history.  The function launched Wednesday and it allows desktop, mobile and Google app users to delete their search history right from the search page.  Just click on "Control your data in Google Search" to delete your recent, or all, search history.  You're welcome.