Three Things You Need to Know on November 7th

November 7, 2018

Midterm elections were yesterday, and results are coming in. Many elections were historical, and the next Congress will have a record number of women. At least 95 women across the country will have a seat in the house. Eleven women won their bids for the Senate while nine states will have female governors. 

Our state is making some history too! Democrat Jared Polis will be the next governor of Colorado.  He took a majority of the votes in yesterday's election over Republican Walker Stapleton.  He becomes the only openly gay man to win a governor's race in U.S. history.  The Democrat chose to keep his personal life out of the campaign, and instead focused on issues such as healthcare and education.  

It seemed as though there were a thousand ballot measures to vote on, and there basically were. Voters rejected Amendment 73 which would have created a graduated income tax for people earning more than $150,000 per year and raised the corporate tax rate. Colorado voters are also rejecting Proposition 109 and 110, which were aimed at fixing our state's roads. Voters approved Amendment A, which repealed an exception in the Colorado Constitution that allowed slavery or involuntary servitude to be used as punishments for crimes.