Three Things You Need to Know on November 2nd

November 2, 2018

More Coloradans are getting their ballots turned in ahead of Election Day on Tuesday.  The Colorado Secretary of State's Office says nearly one-point-two-million have been returned, which is just over a 32-percent turnout rate.  Republicans are maintaining a slight edge over Democrats in getting their ballots in.  Those are due by 7 p.m. on Tuesday or they will not be counted. 

President Trump says some very bad people who throw rocks are in caravans of migrants heading here from Central American. Trump said yesterday rock-throwing migrants badly injured Mexican police and troops. He warned that U.S. troops will respond to any rock throwers as if they were armed with a gun. Trump is in the process of deploying more than five-thousand active duty troops along the southern border. 

With the end of Daylight Saving Time this weekend, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is warning drivers to keep an eye out for animals on the roads.  Wildlife will be migrating for seasonal mating, and it's important to pay attention during darker commutes.  Collisions can be dangerous and costly, with the average damage bill being over three-thousand-dollars.  Wildlife officials say slowing down and driving with caution is your best bet to avoid a crash.