Three Things You Need to Know on November 26th

November 26, 2018

Conditions are tense at the U.S.-Mexio border. As many as 500 migrants who stormed the U.S. border fence will be deported from Mexico. The Mexican Interior Ministry said the group was rounded up after trying to cross the border yesterday. U.S. border officers used tear gas to drive the group away from the fence. President Trump says the U.S. will close the border permanently if necessary. 

The weather has been rough in Colorado, and across thge country. A winter storm hitting the Midwest has caused more than one-thousand flights to be cancelled.  Chicago's O'Hare International Airport and Missouri's Kansas City International Airport are suffering from the most delays and cancellations of all the airports. Travel was tough on the roads here this weekend, due to a winter storm as well. The Colorado State Patrol says as many as 20 vehicles were involved in a weekend crash on I-70. Thankfully, only minor injuries are being reported. 

Denver could soon provide a site where users could inject drugs under safe supervision.  The city council is expected to take a final vote on the issue tonight after initial passage last week.  The measure on the table would create a two-year pilot program.  More than 200 people died from drug overdoses in Denver last year.  Backers of the measure say a safe site could prevent deaths and the spread of disease.