Three Things You Need to Know on May 29th

May 29, 2019

Dozens of homes are now just sticks and soaked drywall in the Kansas City metro area after at least one massive tornado ripped through the region Tuesday night. Around a dozen injuries were reported. Authorities say the massive tornado appeared to be at least a mile wide at one point. 

Amazon is removing over a dozen books that make unscientific claims.  The books claim drinking homemade bleach can cure malaria and childhood autism, and give directions on how to make the potion, which doctors and federal officials say is dangerous.  Amazon has confirmed that it's no longer selling the books.  

Governor Polis is giving the green light to a bill that reduces the possession of small amounts of drugs from a felony to a misdemeanor.  He signed off on the measure yesterday.  Supporters say the new law will shift the focus to treatment for drug users instead of prison.  It will also save Colorado nearly 14-million-dollars over five years.  The measure does not change the punishments for those charged with possession with intent to distribute.  The bill was one of a number Polis signed yesterday.