Three Things You Need to Know on June 11th

June 11, 2019

Above average snow is leading to an above average season for Colorado's ski resorts.  Colorado Ski Country USA reports that skier visits to Colorado increased 13-percent during the 2018-2019 ski season.  That translates into 13-point-eight-million skier visits and would be a new record for a single ski season.  Several resorts are still open for skiing, including Aspen Mountain, which announced yesterday that it would be extending its ski season for another weekend.

This year's Hardrock 100 running event in southwestern Colorado is being canceled.  Race officials say the more than 100-mile course has been hit hard by avalanche debris due to heavy winter snowfall.  It's estimated that 40-percent of the course currently has uncertain conditions.  It's only the third time the event has had to be canceled since 1992.

Authorities are still investigating yesterday's fatal helicopter crash in New York City. The helicopter crashed onto the roof of a building in midtown Manhattan, killing the pilot. The weather was rainy and overcast and authorities are looking into what caused the crash. They're also looking into why the pilot was flying in restricted airspace.