Three Things You Need to Know on July 25th

July 25, 2019

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Puerto Ricans are celebrating the resignation of Governor Ricardo Rossello in the streets of San Juan.  Some people set off fireworks as many waved Puerto Rican flags, cheered, and hugged.  Rossello's resignation announcement comes after more than a week of massive street protests over leaked online chats between the governor and his closest aides. 

Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller says election interference by Russia continues. Testifying in a House hearing, Mueller said Russia's intervention in the 2016 presidential election was "not a single attempt -- they're doing it as we sit here." Mueller would not speculate about whether Russia helped sway the presidential election for Trump. 

Jefferson County Public Schools is scrapping the idea of tearing down Columbine High School and building a new facility.  Superintendent Jason Glass says there isn't overwhelming community support for such an effort.  The district recently surveyed the community on the idea, with the results being released yesterday.  The issue was brought forward due to unwanted attention the school receives from unauthorized visitors who are interested in the 1999 shooting.  Instead, the district plans on making security improvements to the campus.