Three Things You Need to Know on July 17th

July 17, 2018

President Trump is getting a lot of bipartisan criticism regarding his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. During a press conference with Putin in Helsinki, Trump tried to cast more doubt on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.  Many senators, condress people and journalists are reacting negatively to his reaction. The president is reacting on witter saying the U.S. can't just focus on the past and insisting the countries must get along.

A federal judge in San Diego has ordered a temporary hold on deporting reunited immigrant families.  Judge Dana Sabraw issued the hold yesterday.  The complaint brought by the ACLU claims Homeland Security is poised to pursue a policy of  mass deportations immediately upon reunification of immigrant children and parents.   

Nearly two dozen people were injured Monday after a lava bomb from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano hit a tour boat.  The flying chunk of molten rock tore through the boat's roof and damaged the railing.  Witnesses report seeing people walking off the boat with large burns and gashes, with one person being carried off on a stretcher.  Three people were hospitalized following this crazy incident.