Three Things You Need to Know on July 11th

July 11, 2018

The crisis at the US-Mexico border continues and the Trump administration has said they will likely miss the deadline to reunite about 100 migrant children with their parents.  U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw said 63 kids still need to be reunited. Officials say 38 kids have been reunited with their families.  THe deadline to reunite children under 5 years old with their families was yesterday, July 10th, the deadline for all families to be reunited is July 26th.

The NFL announced a new policy on standing for the National Anthem earlier this summer, but the Players Association says it goes against the league's collective bargaining agreement.  The NFLPA filed a grievance with the league, adding the policy also infringes on the rights of football players.  The policy forbids players from sitting or kneeling during the Anthem, but does not require them to be on the field while the Anthem is being played. 

If you're still paying off your student loans, this is either awesome or awful, depending on how you look at it. There's a new TV game show that aired on TruTV yesterday. It's called Paid Off, and contestants who answr a series of trvia questions correctly wll get their student loan debt paid off.  Critics of the show call it a cruel joke about a public crisis.  TruTV defends the show, and calls student loan debt a ridiculous crisis that deserves a ridiculous game show. Rdiculous or not, that could be a whole lot of money!