Three Things You Need to Know on January 8th

January 8, 2019

The White House says the IRS will issue tax refunds even if the government is shut down when they're due to go out.  During past shutdowns, the IRS collected tax returns, but wouldn't dole out refunds until after the government was running again. The government shutdown is in its 18th day and shows no sign of ending as Democrats and the White House remain deadlocked over the issue of funding for a border wall. President Trump will address the nation about the situation at the southern border tonight.

The Broncos continue their search for the next head coach of the franchise.  According to reports, Steelers offensive line coach Mike Munchak is emerging as the favorite to become the next head coach of Denver.  The Broncos also met with Bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio in Chicago on Monday. 

Flight attendants with Denver-based Frontier Airlines can now keep their individual tips.  The policy was recently put into place after previously allowing employees to only pool their extra earnings from food and beverage sales to split among the crew members.  Now, flight attendants will be able to pocket the cash on their own.  Many airlines do not allow the practice of tipping.