Three Things You Need to Know on January 14th

January 14, 2019

There are no votes scheduled in Congress today aimed at ending the longest government shutdown in U.S. history.  The shutdown of about a quarter of the federal government is now on Day 24 and there are no signs of it ending.  There are no meetings between President Trump and Democratic leaders on today's schedule, but the president has been tweeting about the shutdown. 

National parks have been hit pretty hard by the government shutdown. Despite reports of rampant vandalism at some parks, Rocky Mountain National Park seems to be in pretty good shape. Volunteers went into the Park to clean up this weekend, and found there wasn't much to be done. Despite road closures and limited staff, things appeared to be in good shape.

The most-liked Instagram post ever is an egg.  A photograph of an egg has moved past Kylie Jenner as the most-liked post ever on the social media platform.  The picture now has more than 29-million likes, way ahead of Jenner previous record of 18-million likes for the post announcing the birth of her daughter Stormi last year.  The record-breaking eggphoto was posted January 4th.