Three Things You Need to Know on February 20th

February 20, 2019

It's cold in Denver, but a lot of the country is pairing frigid temps with some serious snow. Airlines are canceling hundreds of flights as a huge winter storm invades nearly 40 states. Around a thousand flights were canceled as of last night. Some airlines are allowing passengers in affected areas to change their travel plans without fees. Check your flight info before heading out to DIA.

Patrick Frazee will stand trial for the disappearance and death of Woodland Park mother Kelsey Berreth.  The judge ruled yesterday that there was enough evidence following a preliminary hearing. During the court proceeding, investigators detailed an interview with Krystal Kenney who says Frazee beat Berreth to death with a baseball bat and burned her body. Kenney has pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence in the case. Frazee will be arraigned April 8th on first-degree murder and other counts. 

Legislation to ensure equal pay for women in the workplace is facing its first test at the Colorado State Capitol.  The bill seeks to ensure men and women are paid the same amount for doing similar work.  The legislation also prevents employers from asking about a job applicant's prior pay in their work history.  The bill will have its first hearing this afternoon before the Senate Judiciary committee.