Three Things You Need to Know on December 18th

December 18, 2018

Michael Flynn, President Trump's first National Security Advisor, will be sentenced today for lying to the FBI about contacts with Russia's U.S. ambassador during the presidential transition. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is recommending no prison time for Flynn because of his cooperation in the ongoing Russia investigation. Two new reports for the Senate look into the sweeping scale and scope of Russian efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election.  The reports say Russia used every major social media platform in an effort to help Donald Trump win the White House.  The independent reports were prepared for the Senate Intelligence Committee. 

Astronomers say a newly discovered dwarf planet is the most-distant object found in our solar system.  Scientists have dubbed the object "Farout" because it's more than 100 times farther from the sun than the Earth.  The International Astronomical Union's Minor Planet Center says it's likely a dwarf planet that is over 310 miles in diameter.  

Something is missing from the RTD's Union Station bus concourse. Stall doors in the terminal bathroom have been removed. According to an RTD spokesperson, says the doors were purposely removed for security reasons.