Three Things You Need to Know on August 9th

August 9, 2018

Republican New York Congressman Chris Collins arrested on charges of insider trading. Collins pleaded not guilty to charges related to shares of an Australian biotech company. Collins said the charges are meritless, and that he plans to fight them. Collins added that he won't be commenting further on the matter as he prepares his defense. 

Amazon may soon be narrowing down the finalists for their second U.S. headquarters.  The New York Times reports widespread speculation points to the company cutting the field down again this month.  As it stands now, 20 finalists remain. Denver is still in the running!

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is adding a new category to the Oscars for popular film.  The Academy has a reputation for snubbing box office blockbusters that aren't considered Oscar worthy.  In an effort to bring viewers back, the Board of Governors announced the new popular film category, along with shortening the ceremony to three hours. It's really only supposed to run three hours now, but that never happens.