Three Things You Need to Know on August 6th

August 6, 2018

Police arrested 20 people in Berkeley, California yesterday, as alt-right demonstrators fought with counter-protesters in the streets but there are no reports of large-scale violence. The protest came just a day after another right-wing rally in Portland, Oregon and a week ahead of a planned Unite The Right rally in Washington, DC. In Denver,  a protest for tighter gun control is turned into a more civil conversation about firearms.  The March on the NRA demonstration was held at the State Capitol on Saturday.  Organizers encouraged those in attendance to actually have an open dialogue with counter-protesters who showed up.  People on both sides of the conversation say they actually found common ground.  They also called it refreshing, because it didn't evolve into a screaming match.  

A magnitude 7.0 quake hit Indonesia near Bali, killing around 90 people on Sunday.  Disaster officials say hundreds more have been hurt.  Rescue efforts are underway.

Nearly 150-thousand cartons of almond milk are being recalled because they might contain actual milk.  About 145-thousand cartons of refrigerated Vanilla almond Breeze almond milk are affected.  They were shipped to 28 states and have a "Use By" date of September 2, 2018.  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says the milk is safe to drink unless you are allergic or sensitive to dairy products.

BONUS: Colorado Parks and Wildlife will be celebrating the state's 142nd birthday with free admission to all state parks.