Three Things You Need to Know on August 23rd

August 23, 2018

It looks like someone is trying to hack the Democratic National Committee.  The DNC has alerted authorities about what appears to be an attempt to hack its voter database.  Hackers reportedly created a fake login page for its voter registration website in hopes of tricking people into giving up their login information.  The attack was apparently not successful and the DNC notified the FBI.  

The trade wars continue! The U.S. and China are slapping 25-percent tariffs on another 16-billion dollars worth of each other's products.  The Trump administration imposed new tariffs just after midnight Eastern Time last night, and Beijing immediately retaliated.   

Today could be the day Broncos owner Pat Bowlen takes a major step toward the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  The contributor subcommittee will meet to decide on nominations.  If Bowlen's name is selected, it will go for a final vote early next year.  The Broncos owner has fallen short in a bid for hall of fame honors in recent years, despite his contributions to the game.