Three Things You Need to Know on August 14th

August 14, 2018

London's counterterrorism unit is leading the investigation after a man drove his car into security barriers outside Parliament and injured several people.  Police arrested the driver.  Two people were hospitalized for injuries but one of them has already been released.  One other person was treated at the scene.  

Turkish President Erdogan says his country will boycott electronic products from the U.S.  Erdogan made the announcement today as the Trump administration steps up tariffs on Turkish steel and aluminum, in part over the detention of an American pastor.  Erdogan says Turkey is taking necessary measures to protect its economy. 

U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry will be in Golden today.  He and Senator Cory Gardiner will visit the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.  They'll be getting a first-hand look at the research and development going on there.  Both Perry and Gardner are expected to give remarks after the tour.