Three Things You Need to Know on April 2nd

April 2, 2019

Big day in Denver, street sweeping starts! That means you can be ticketed if you park your car on the streets during posted times.  That ticket can set you back $50, and that's if you pay it on time.  Text and email reminders are available through the city's mobile web application, Pocketgov.

After more than two years of delays, RTD is finally starting up the long-awaited G-Line.  The commuter rail line will serve Arvada and Wheat Ridge, running between the west metro area and Union Station in downtown Denver.  It will open April 26th.  The news was announced yesterday after a multitude of problems with the crossing gates, which have also been an issue for the A-Line.

Today is the deadline set by House Democrats for the full Mueller report to be turned over by Attorney General William Barr. Six House committee leaders signed a letter requesting the "unredacted" report of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian election interference saying it was "urgently needed" for their Constitutional duties to be performed. By "unredacted," Democrats also mean the inclusion of secret grand jury evidence.