Things to Do in Denver This Weekend, While Practicing Social Distancing

March 13, 2020
Things to do in Denver

How do we entertain ourselves in the time of coronavirus?
It seems like a silly question to ask, but social activities are an important part of human mental health and wellbeing. But what do we do when it isn’t 100% smart to be social?
While we need to educate ourselves on COVID-19, and make sure we focus on facts, not fiction, social distancing is important to prevent the spread of this very real virus. That basically means, it’s not a good idea to be in crowded places or at large social gatherings. Our social lives can take a big hit, if we don’t get creative.

Here are some suggestions for things to do this weekend that will help you avoid crowds, and also maintain some of the spirit of the spring weekend.

Our collective backyard is huge. Massive! Full of glorious natural elements. It’s easy to stay far away from people on the trail, that’s actually what a lot of us love about hiking. You can tackle a 14er, or hit up a smaller mountain closer to home if that’s more your speed. There are nearly endless options, but here are a few suggestions.
Mt. Falcon - Morrison (easy-moderate)
Chautaqua Trail - Boulder (easy-moderate)
Alderfer and Three Sisters Park - Evergreen (easy-moderate)
Rocky Mountain National Park (easy-very difficult)
Even more hikes here

Picnic in the Park
It’s fine to be outdoors, and the weather may cooperate this weekend. While it’s probably not super-smart to crawl all over a playground (mostly directed at those of us with kids), parks are by no means off limits. A day outside can be uplifting in many ways! Obviously take proper precautions (like frequent hand washing/sanitizing, and maybe don’t invite the whole neighborhood to join), but throwing around a ball and enjoying an afternoon outdoors with the family or a friend or two isn’t a bad idea!
Find your new favorite park here.


Things to do in Denver
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Get Cinematically Cultured
Are you tired of hearing from everyone how good Parasite was? Why not end that annoyance with an award-winning movie marathon?! With an arsenal of streaming services at our disposal, you can watch almost anything your heart desires, often for free! If you really wanna get intense with it, grab a few bottles of wine, and you and your roomies can pretend to be movie critics. Each of you can offer your in-depth expertise and analysis after each film, who knows, maybe you’ll discover a real talent for critique.

Movie Bingo
Take a movie marathon one step further and turn it into a game. Cult classics and comedies definitely lend themselves to social games, but you really could create a board for any movie. Download blank boards here.
Some excellent movie options:
Mean Girls
Jurassic Park
Tommy Boy
Harry Potter
Star Wars

Become a (possible) YouTube Star
If you’re anything like the rest of us, you’ve seen these so-called YouTube stars and thought “I could totally do that.” Ok, so do it! You don’t even need a good idea, any idea will do. Grab a friend, family member, or rommate; open the camera on your phone, and start recording. You might just become the next big thing!


Things to do in Denver

Walk Around the Neighborhood
Again it is just fine to be outside. I am sure your dog would want us to remind you of that. Denver is wonderfully walkable, and you might discover a hidden gem in your neighborhood. It's also fun to look at houses (possibly compare them to your own) and get a breath of fresh air. Plus, you can get your 10,000 steps in for the day. Bonus!

Shop Local and Cashless
By now, you know to wash your hands before and after any trips to the store... right? Yes. That goes without saying, but we said it anyways. Many local shops, boutiques, coffee houses are a bit worried about the panic that may come as a side-effect of this outbreak. Do your part to support small business, and if you're very concerned about germs, pay with a card, or a digital pay option, instead of cash. Everyone will apprecaite going hands-free on payment.

Small Game Nights
Social distancing is not synonymous with anti-social. Gatherings of a few friends or family memebers (provided they are not sick and have not been in close contact with someone who is) are more than alright. Tap into your emergency stash of boxed wine and play til your teeth turn purple! Here are some favorite games of ours that will have you either laighing, strategizing, or playfully fighting, all night long.
Telestrations - A cross between Pictionary and Telephone. Guaranteed to be hilarious.
Werewolf - This is like the Mafia game you used to play in school, but with more structure, and more deception. The concept is simple, and the anxiety levels can be high, but its loads of fun.
Catch Phrase - Your basic "guess the phrase game" but with a Hot Potato element mixed in.
What Do You Meme - Where Cards Against Humanity and internet memes meet.
Settlers of Catan - A four person game that's easy to learn, but will keep you busy for hours.
Risk - Because what else have you got to do?
Fishbowl - the ULTIMATE party game for groups of 6+. You don't need anything but paper and a bowl.