Brand New GABF Routes

October 4, 2019

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images


The sheer number of breweries at GABF is overwhelming. You can try to hit them all, and if you do, we’ll send you a card to your hospital bed.
The GABF App comes with a bunch of suggested routes and themes, but we’ve got a few of our own to add to the list.

NOTE - You will need to make great use of either the map, or the app to follow these routes!

The Local: Drink local! There are so many Denver and Colorado breweries at GABF, show your hometown beers some love!
START: At one of the nearly 140 CO breweries at the festival.
NEXT STEPS: Don’t you dare leave that Mountain Region on your map, unless of course, you’re headed to Meet the Brewer!
FINISH: RIght where you started.

The Regional: GABF divides the festival into regions. Pick one, and hunker down, or try two to three per region, taking a tour of the beery USA.
START: East coast, same way the pilgrims did. 
NEXT STEPS: Make your way west if you like, on a sudsy Oregon Trail of sorts (no one better die of dysentery).
FINISH: In California, Gold Rush baby! If you made it this far, raise a glass to your journey.

Spring Break: This route will take you on a tour of warm-weather breweries, with a stop by the Silent Disco, ‘cause SPRING BREAK! WOO!
START: We’re on a road trip, East Coast to West! Any Spring Break worth taking has to start at the beach, so we’re starting with a night in Miami at M.I.A. Beer Co.
NEXT STEPS: From there, we head to the Gulf coast. Big Storm Brewing out of Clearwater has beers that will keep the party going. Next up, we laissez les bon temps rouler at Parleaux Beer Lab from New Orleans.
FINISH: Make your way along the gulf coast, and up to California. Check out their beachy brews, and obviously stop to dance and party any time you want!

ABC’s: This route is a little bit of a choose your own adventure. There are 34 breweries that begin with the letter A. Pick one, and hopefully you remember the song, and which comes next.
START: One of the A breweries. We recommend Alternation, a local vegan brewery located on South Broadway.
NEXT STEPS: You’ve got 93 B breweries to choose from next, and it doesn’t get easier as the list goes on. Maybe choose 2/letter, to keep options open? There’s only one Q brewery, so at least you won’t have to make any tough calls on that letter.
FINISH: There are 2 Z breweries, so if you make it to the end of the alphabet, stop at both!

123’s:  A couple of GABF breweries have numbers in the title, but not as many, so this one gets intense. For a true 123 Route,Sample the number of beers that the brewery has in its name. 1781 Brewing is not going to be easy to finish at...
START: Lowest number goes first, so sample two beers at 2SP Brewing.
NEXT STEPS: K2 Brothers is up next. Two brews please! Move on to 4 Noses (another local brewery!) and try 4 of their award-winning beers. Sixpoint Brewery of Brooklyn follows, and you’ve got six to sample there. Next, eight drinks at 8th Wonder Brewing. Woo, this one might be a little too much to follow.
FINISH: Yep, one thousand, seven hundred and eighty one samples at 1781. That is obviously impossible. For a milder route, just take one or two tastes at each stop. 

Barrel of Monkeys: We love this game. It’s easy, it’s fun, and it leaves a lot of the decision making up to you!
START: Anywhere you like. For the sake of explanation we’ll pick Independence Brewing, from Austin. Now, we are eliminating the words Brewing, Brewery, and Company from all names, so it’s just the first bit. Independence ends with the letter E, so your next brewery must start with the letter E.
NEXT STEPS: Twelve E breweries to choose from. Let’s go with Envy Brewing, taking us to a Y after that. Yampa Valley, or Yards Brewing. Those are your options. It goes from there.
FINISH: Whenever you like. This is the route that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friend.

Name Game: This one goes by the beer, not by the brewery. There are a lot of brews named after people. Find them, and try em all!
START: GO Local, with Dale’s Pale Ale at Oskar Blues! 
NEXT STEPS: There are so many names to choose from. (512) has a double named Owen’s Brett Beer, Rod Rock’s got Otto, Columbus Brewing has one called Simon. If you have to name a kid anytime soon, this could be a great resource!
FINISH: When you find the right name, stick with it. You’re done when you’ve found the one.

Basic Bitch Brew: Who loves fall?! I’m looking at you, ladies in oversized sweaters and skinny jeans with ankle booties. If you managed to put down your Pumpkin Spice Latte and pause Hocus Pocus long enough to visit the GABF, this is the perfect tour for your fall-loving booty!
START: This one kicks off with the aptly named Basic Batch Pumpkin Ale at Mirror Image brewing.
NEXT STEPS: Use the GABF app and search for both “pumpkin” and “Oktoberfest.” These autumnally inspired beers will keep you feeling cozier than a knit scarf on a hayride.
FINISH: End your night around the fire, the Campfire Stout, that is. This s’more in a can will keep your fall feeling alive!

Good luck planning your route, and remember, stop for water along the way.