Three Things You Need to Know on March 19th

March 19, 2019

Everything uploaded to Myspace before 2016 is gone forever.  The social network says that a faulty server migration caused the mass deletion about a year ago erasing pictures, videos and more than 50-million songs.

The Denver City Council is moving closer to eliminating local sales taxes on feminine hygiene products.  The council voted in favor of the proposal last night and is set for a final vote at its next meeting.  The city would remove its four-point-three-percent sales tax from tampons and other products, though state, RTD and cultural taxes will still be applied.  An effort to repeal the state tax on feminine hygiene products died in the legislature in 2017 after state officials said it would reduce revenue by over two-million-dollars. 

The Denver Nuggets are celebrating after clinching their first playoff berth since 2013.  The Nuggets beat the Celtics in Boston last night 114-105.  The win gives the Nuggets a 47-and-22 record with 13 games remaining, securing their spot in the Western Conference playoffs.