Am I the Three Eyed Raven Series Finale RESULTS

May 21, 2019

It's over, our watch has ended. Game of Thrones hs come to a close. How did my predictions fare? Let us compare, Friday's guesses are in italics, and the last ever results will follow.


Daenerys is gonna think she did a real good job of taking King’s Landing.
Yeah, she's mega proud.

She is unlikely to accept anyone’s criticism and will probably want to burn Jon, Tyrion and Davos for being traitors. 
Kind of... but Davos mostly got out of it alright.

Grey Worm will obviously tell Daenerys that Jon ordered troops to fall back after he started getting spear-happy.
I mean, he just kinda sat around looking mad.

AeJon will have to flee with his men, maybe to Winterfell with Tyrion where he tells Sansa she was right? 
Nope. Just went all stab-happy, but he did eventually go North.

Arya needs to take Dany out, and I think she will.
No, this time Jon did the killing. But those two are very murderous, aren't they?

I predict AeJon, Tyrion, Davos, Sansa, Arya, and whatever Northerners they have left are going to take Daenerys on. They may not all survive. I actually think Sansa may not make it.
Nah, she's Queen in the North now. She made it.

Jon will go back North to live out his sad days as brooding Lord of Winterfell.
Did not see a Night's Watch punishment coming, cause what's even left to watch? The wall fell down. The Night King is gone. Pointless job if you ask me.

So who do I believe will sit on the Iron Throne? Tyrion.
Close-ish.... I mean BRAN?! Terrible choice.

Sam Tarly becomes Hand of the King, or Grand Maester.
Perhaps that choice was too obvious, but yes.

The rest of my off-the-wall predicitions weren't even close, but I couldn't hapre predicted that episode, ever. 

This has been a fun experiment, thanks for playing along!
And now, we search for another show to occupy our time....